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  • Position: 江蘇揚陽 > ENGLISH > ACTIVITY

    By the International Association of Chinese enamel, enamel industry association to host the 21session of the international enamel assembly in May 18, 2008to May 22nd in China held in Shanghai, Jinjiang venue in Shanghai Pudong soup 's InterContinental Hotel. A total of 17 countries with117 delegates and118 Chinese representatives attended the meeting.

    In accordance with the procedures and contents, the assembly had paper communication, the paper poster propaganda, enterprises will show, visit the factory, tourism and other activities. May 19th opening ceremony, China Light Industry Federation step is vice-chairman, secretary-general of the association of international enamel Pagliuca respectively an opening speech, the 21 session of the International Ceramic Association chairman Mr Li Hongbao presided over the opening ceremony. Before the formal meeting, all delegates to China Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims in a minute of silence, and announced the cancellation of meeting all recreational activities.

    In May 19th and May 20th two days, conference, Germany, Italy, in five languages on simultaneous exchange of 23 papers, conference for each representation provides five kinds of language papers. Thesis content is rich, the viewpoint is novel, enamel industry innovation and development and put forward many interested topics. Most of the papers thinks: enamel development should be in corrosion protection, ecological applications, environmental health, a new surface functional development and heat resistant performance aspects of development and innovation, make the enamel the traditional advanced materials to give new vitality. This is the general consensus and harvest. Exchange period author answer the conference to represent various questions. During the meeting and10 papers to the newspaper publicity。

    During the meeting with10 foreign enterprises and8 domestic enterprises participated in the meeting exhibition, featuring and enamel industry related raw materials, equipment, process, technology, products and new application. Advanced technology, equipment and process and enamel products in new areas of application, for the participants demonstrated the enamel industry development trend. The 21 International Congress of enamel paper quantity and quality compared with the previous session to a new height. Assembly of good academic atmosphere, representing positive and serious attitude, will show the careful design, the delegates between warm exchanges and negotiations, all without exception shows world enamel on enamel feelings, pursuit, hard work and happiness to expect.

    In May 21st, congress organizing foreign delegates are divided into 5 groups to visit Jiangsu Yang Yang9official to visit the factory. These factories related to iron and steel, chemical raw materials production enterprises and Enamel daily products, home appliances, bathroom products enamel enamel, enamel steel building decoration products, industrial ceramic products company. Visit enterprises designated for delegates arrival held various forms of ceremony and exchange activities.